It’s a Jeep Thing

Jeep This green Jeep CJ7 was part of my father’s wish list.  Along with a plane, guns, a bobcat, and the farm.  Somewhere on the wish list was Mom and his two daughters, but for my ego’s sake, I’m not going to prioritize.  Never a doubt that he loved each of us, but we still weren’t allowed to play with the “equipment.”  Yep, these were NOT toys, they were practical, necessary pieces of equipment – that he spent hours playing with.

This week the Jeep left our family after 20 years, Dad bought it in 1994 and restored it to the beautiful “equipment” that it is today. It will now begin it’s next life with a new family.  As I watched it loaded up and pulled away I tried to focus on the joy Dad would have that someone else loved the hard work he put into his baby.  But I couldn’t help feel a piece of Dad was on that trailer leaving the farm.

4 generationsHowever it is JUST a piece of beautiful metal, not my Dad.  I’m certain Dad’s spirit is  managing the lives of the people he loved as much as he is allowed, not focusing on material things.  And like his Dad and Grandmother, they loved family, the farm, and  took pride in what they had, but treasured those they loved.  Like the family legacy of the farm, it is up to the new owners to carry on the Jeep’s legacy; hopefully, they will be up to the snuff.  I am certain Dad would love to join them at their first Jamboree, maybe his spirit will make a special appearance.  After all, it’s a Jeep thing – others just don’t understand and I have a sneaking suspicion God might get the Jeep thing.


4 thoughts on “It’s a Jeep Thing

  1. I love it Andrea! And you are right, “It’s a Jeep Thing”. I’m sure your dad is looking down with excitement as the proud new owners of his Jeep pulled away. Now he can ride shotgun.

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