Let’s Talk Weather

Thanks to Mom I got a short break from the harsh Northwest Ohio winter to visit her in New Port Richey FL. Auntie Neighbor was nice enough to take care of the critters. And I celebrated my one year anniversary at work so I had earned paid vacation time.

imageWhile in Florida everyone wanted to know about the weather “back North.” I shared the joys of winter. The beauty of hauling 10-20 gallons of water every day in frigid temperatures to the barn. Trudging the horse through 4′ drifts to the pasture so he could get a little exercise even if it was only for a few hours. And braving those elements to move snow further back with the Bobcat.

imageFriends at home were thrilled to share the news of the daily forecast and thanks to smart phones, the Florida locals were often quick to let me know just what I was missing. Every day I was informed of the weather. It is everyone’s favorite topic of conversation. We went to The Ringling – saw fabulous artwork, a wonderful flea market, spent quality time with Aunt Phyllis, and of course, ATE phenomenal food. But the topic of conversation almost always ended up being about the weather.

imageI found it humorous how those in “good” weather enjoy discussing how miserable the weather is elsewhere. Those of us dealing with “bad” weather are obsessed with the challenges. I love the winter because it provides a break. Things have to be done slower, a little bit of hypernation, it’s like wiping the slate. And apparently, even on vacation, it gives everyone something to talk about.


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