Winter has Arrived

This winter has been a challenge for Northwest Ohio. Typically we get a bad snowfall it lasts a few days, then it warms up and melts mostly away. It’s a nuisance, cold, and we spend a lot of time dealing with mud.

imageAs everyone is reporting, winter is providing a special kind of smack down this year. There was our white Christmas, not too much snow, but enough to put everyone in a wonderful spirit. Then the New Year came in with a BANG. Lots of snow and something they called an arctic vortex. It was so cold equipment wouldn’t run, the animals were stuck in the barn, and no one was spending any time outdoors. Unfortunately the worst of it was that we continued to get slammed with snow storms about every 5 days.

It did warm up to 20 degrees! This seemed like a heatwave after the -20 to -45. Finally got to open the barn up and get the animals outside, and then the big work began (HA – like hauling 10 – 20 gallons of water a day is a cake walk?) Moving the snow. A neighbor was nice enough to plow, unfortunately with all the snow we were getting, we were running out of places to plow it.

imageNow it was my turn to improve my aptitude with the skid loader. Over the past 3 weeks, that Bobcat and I have become very good friends. I have learned how to efficiently move snow, drive on ice, and get myself unstuck from 4′ drifts. These are skills I could have lived a lifetime without. While I am very grateful the opportunity, I would like to say, I have had enough and am willing to wait to develop additional skills for another season.

Please consider this me calling UNCLE!


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