Crazy Chicken Lady Criteria

When someone gets interested in a new hobby typically they slowly immerse themselves. Some of us however, go a little further and spend a great deal of time researching information, reading others’ experiences, and developing spreadsheets that lay out the long term plan. Frequently this long term plan must be altered as ones knowledge increases or as the experience changes.

When I moved to the family farm in December 2010 preparation had been completed to move the horse in the spring when my ankle healed. While moving out of my old home, I ripped all the ligaments off the bone in my left ankle and was unable to put any weight on it. This left me unable to lead my horse to his pasture, clean the stall, haul water, toss hay, and many other daily essentials for equine care.

IMG_0253A concern in moving Hat was that he would be alone, a friend suggested that I purchase chickens in the spring to keep him company – as I bonus, I would get fresh eggs. After doing some research – I decided this was a plausible option and had narrowed it down to a few breeds that best suited my climate and needs. During Chick Days at the local farm stores, I selected 8 Wyandottes (4 silver laced, 4 golden laced). My hope was to end up with at least 5-6 nice layers and research had told me to expect 10% loss. Every one of them lived, and I ended up with one rooster – not bad odds at all.

Neighbors fell in love with my free-ranging flock. We spent hours in the barn holding the young chicks and acclimating the greyhound, horse, cat and hens. I liked that gang so much, the next spring my neighbor bought 3 Buckeyes. This spring I added 2 Ameraucana.image

The growth of the flock is not what makes me the crazy chicken lady.  When going out to eat, friends and co-workers all know that leftovers should be packaged up for the chickens if you aren’t taking them to your home.  A fellow classmate once was throwing out fruit and veggie leftovers that she had picked through over lunch – I quickly asked if I could have them.  She let me know that it was just ends and over ripe leftovers she was throwing away.  Yes I still wanted them, another classmate offered me a package of cheese and crackers to tide me over.  Then I realized they thought I wanted them, I had to explain that my chickens LOVED these kind of scrap.  As I was leaving a friends house, they mentioned that I was supposed to take home the bag of garbage on the porch, for the girls of course.

Then there is gifting.  Last year I received a chicken calendar, kitchen towel, and table cloth.  This year I received a fabulous homemade mousepad from a co-worker.  She said as soon as she saw the material she knew exactly what she was getting me.  And the friend who decked out my kitchen last year in chicken theme, this year out did herself by getting me a FABULOUS chicken board. The t-shirt from this year is a real topper though – all you Crazy Chicken Peeps will be imagebegging for this!   Yep, read it and squawk out loud, “Poultry in Motion”.

The second hand shop in Bryan has a wonderful set of dish ware featuring a beautiful rooster.  It’s only $16.  It hasn’t come home with me yet, but Christmas is now over and I may need to see if any other chicken fanatics have picked it up yet.  It isn’t over board with chickens, their very tastefully done.  Yeah, whatever . . . just add that to the list of the signs of Crazy Chicken person.  I know I’m not alone because I read other blogs of similar addicts.  I do it because their disease is in much more advanced stages, so I can show my family that I’m really not in bad shape.


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