Some days the challenge of change is rather exciting. Hmmmm . . . maybe I am starting to embrace this whole “spirit of change!” Not likely, but its a wonderful thought.

The changes I get excited about typically have something to do with electronics or computers. My father instilled a love for gadgets and toys early in life. In 1978 he and I built a Heath Zenith kit computer in the basement. It was so exciting and both of us couldn’t wait to boot it up the first time. We put the boot disk in the 5-1/4 drive and were thrilled to see the C:> on the screen. That initial green screen was the catalyst for my electronic love affair.


Tonight I am writing on a combination screen and keyboard that is almost the same size as the boot disk for the Heath Zenith. The program I use is stored in the cloud and the information is stored on the internet. The storage on this minuscule system may be larger than the entire main frame when I went to college. The electronics available keep me excited about the possibilities.  People are stunned that I work on computers then come home and spend my evenings on them as well. What we can accomplish with the aid of electronics now is mind blowing. Well, when they are working. I won’t mention how I feel about electronics when they decide NOT to work.

So with just fourteen days until Christmas, I hope your online shopping is successful. If you have an electronic fanatic on your list – best of luck! Here are a couple of top gadget lists:


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