Prepping for Thanksgiving

Trying to get prepared to eat right next week so that I can maintain my weight loss and continue towards my goals.  We had a great lesson at our meeting this week.  We “created” a plate and then were to guesstimate the points for each item on our plate.  I have always been conscious of what I’m willing to “blow” weight on.  My thing in the last few years has been that I am making choices about what I am willing to exercise to eat.  If something isn’t wonderful then why would I want to eat it and pay the consequences for something less than FABULOUS.foodquad

The thing that I’ve fallen in love with about Weight Watchers is that they have the same concept.  We are all their because we love food.  The thing we have to learn is what is worth eating and how much extra effort are you willing to pay in order to eat some of those favorite foods.

So this coming Thursday – yes I will be eating my weekly extra points and walking for several hours to pay for the wonderful foods I love.  Mostly dessert because normally I opt to not pay for those foods regardless how much I like them.  If they aren’t fabulous, I will only take a bite – the chickens can have the rest – the points don’t bother them at all.

strudelIf you need something to take to friends or family consider Cranberry-Apple Relish which is only 6 points for a 1/2 cup serving and worth every one of those points.   I have cut back to using 1/2 the sugar that is called for in the recipe which would drop your points in half also because literally sugar is the only ingredient with points in that recipe.   AND every other ingredient is a power food so you are really giving your meal a filling boost.

Ramp up that Cranberry Apple Relish by using it as the filling for a homemade strudel.  The recipe  can be whipped up in the bread maker, beat together the cream cheese filling, and add 1 1/2 cups of cranberry apple relish – deliver it as the perfect pairing for the Thanksgiving feast.  This elegant and tasty treat is only 7 points (10 servings of strudel).


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