This time of year is incredible.  Days are comfortable, nights are cool , the sun doesn’t shine through windows too early, and nights start early enough to allow for campfires or movie time.  Absolute perfection.

Air smells crisp, mingled with burning leaves.  Farm machinery is in full swing so there is always the background music of harvest.  The sounds are even specific for this time of year; combines churning through fields, grain tumbling into the wagons, and the clank of the wagons snaking behind the truck inching toward the grain line.  In each town the elevators hum, dryers run, lines of trucks sitting to be weighed.IMG_0796

Warm soil and cool nights creates morning fog so thick the schools close.  The farmers in the field work all day to try to complete their tasks before God gives them something new to contend with.  The dust from fields and combines fills the afternoon.  Early evening as the sky blazes vibrant jewel tones the haze of farm work drifts through the air caught in the moisture caused by the temperature drop.

The food of the season is as lush as the days; nutty squash, crisp apples, sweet cider.  Festivals celebrate the bounty; apple dumplings, apple butter, pumpkin fudge.  The best of the holidays is coming and it’s time to perfect new recipes for pumpkin pie, pecan pie, turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry relish.  Or maybe just dig out those favorite family recipes and practice a little before the family arrives.

There is almost nothing that I don’t love about this time of year.  Whatever you call it – autumn, fall, harvest, pre-holiday – it is perfection.  I am so thankful God gives us this time of bounty and beauty – our gift for surviving the brutality of summer.  It feeds our souls to get us through the greys of winter.  There are times I wish this could last forever, but we know if we always had it this good we could never appreciate the bounty.

While I would love to continue to write, I think it’s time to go for a ride or maybe go play ball with Dudley.  I need to take as much of this as I can, drink it all in, overflow my soul so that when those gray days come I can dip into the memory.  Take the opportunity to create some fabulous fall flavor and store up the perfect memories for gray days.


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