Comfort Food

Tfallbucketlisthis time of year is my favorite for comfort food.  Mostly because I simply love the foods that go along with fall.  Cider, apples, fruit cobblers and dumplings, soups, roasts – the warmth of home, wonderful smells, cool crisp air – there is nothing so marvelous as the joys of fall.  This bucket list pretty well summed up all the best things about fall.

Friends and family have been out to Votaw Farms partaking in some of these activities.  I was committed to other activities so I couldn’t join them but I do need to get out there.  Their facebook page advertised the most WONDERFUL looking caramel apples, pies, honey, fresh cider and apples.  Oh my!!!  Pretty certain it is not a good place for a weight watchers meeting, but I might have to save up some points and make a visit soon.

It is a wonderful season of festivals in the area too.  The Apple Butter Festival in Grand Rapids is a great visit, I love the crafts, and the food.  Always try to get some pumpkin fudge – its like a wonderful little piece of pumpkin pie.  The Apple Dumpling Festival in Delta is an excellent opportunity to have some marvelous vanilla ice cream with piping hot dumplings.  A little bit of kettle corn from the Barn Fest in Bryan is a wonderful way to celebrate the local crafts.

Is it any wonder I need Weight Watchers living in such a food oriented environment?  Why do we celebrate so strongly with food?  Years ago it would have been because fall was a time of bounty before the coming lean months of winter.   Now we have on-going bounty thanks to refrigeration and transportation but still celebrate in fall food gluttony!  Bring on the fall comfort food, I will need to go for a very long walk, thank goodness for the cool weather.


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