Lessons from Ruth

A few weeks ago our office added a new employee who will be working with me in the Record’s Center.  Working with new people can be a real challenge because there is always a question about how these relationships will work out.  In this economy it isn’t like you can just walk away from a job because you don’t enjoy working with someone.  I’m trying to keep in mind that she left a good job and is probably just as concerned about how she will fit in.

PlanB Sometimes in life, there is no Plan B, we simply have to go with the flow.  Really hate dumb sayings like “go with the flow.”   But frequently they do sum up exactly what we have to deal with in life.  It’s this managing changes that I have always struggled with in my life.  During the last several years, I have tried to learn to accept the changes and understand how to “go with the flow” more willingly.

During devotional reading I was thinking about change in my life and how I could better accept, not just manage, these changes.  After praying for guidance, I decided to let the Bible open and read these scriptures in hope that they would confirm my actions.  The Bible opened to the book of Ruth.  One of my favorite books, and one that I typically read at least annually.  I couldn’t imagine how this was supposed to help guide me through acceptance of change but thought I should just keep my mind open to any message.

The book of Ruth celebrates a young woman who remained devoted to her mother-in-law despite the loss of all the men in their lives, and her MILs insistence that her daughter’s in law go back to their families.  God blessed Ruth by providing for their needs as Ruth accepted her MILs God and traditions – forsaking all she knew.  Ruth’s acceptance of all these changes  opened her to receive God’s grace and reward.  In all the years that I’ve read this, I’ve never thought about all the changes that Ruth had to accept, leaving her family to be married, the death of her husband, leaving the home she and her husband created to follow her MIL back to her family, her fellow sister in laws leaving her to head back to their families – leaving her alone with her MIL, giving up the religion and tradition that she grew up with to accept her MILs God, accepting that following her MILs instructions would provide their needs, etc.  She took great risks and made selfless decisions.  It truly appears as though she was going with the flow as all these changes were coming at her.

My mother recently told me that every time she reads scripture she gets something different from it.  Recognizing how others have coped with change should help me to be more accepting.  Maybe I am beginning to accept change more readily.  Well at least I’m making an ATTEMPT to be more accepting right?   There certainly are many individuals who are dealing with less pleasant changes than the ones I’ve had to accept.


2 thoughts on “Lessons from Ruth

  1. It’s such a coincidence that you post this. I’m mid-draft on a post about how I am seriously lacking the flexibility to “roll with the punches” (another one of those sayings about accepting change). I’m trying to get better at it, but it seems like it will be a life-long effort. But at least we see this about ourselves and are trying to improve!

    • Jen, it has been a very long challenge for me. It has been almost 8 years since my divorce which came with the realization that I needed to handle change better. Disengaging from “possessions” has helped me to better accept some change. You are absolutely right – we recognize our weakness and are trying to address it. Isn’t that accepting enough change? LOL

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