Little Christmas Joy

WHAT?   Christmas, but we just celebrated the first day of summer!Christmas

I was reminded at my Weight Watchers meeting that there are only 6 months until Christmas.   This was to help us align our goals with the time frame.  My objective was to at least loose 1-2 pounds a week for a year.  I’ve been having a LOT of issues with this for the past 2 months.  My weight has gone up and down, but basically for the last month, I’ve been stuck having only lost 19 pounds.   This along with the 9 pounds I lost prior to joining Weight Watchers is fantastic, BUT,  what I dreamed of was having 75 pounds gone within this year.

Okay, refocus myself again.  My activity points are up – I’m typically earning 20-40 activity points a week in walking or Wii activities.  My sweet tooth has really gotten to me recently and even though I’m doing the activity, I’m not doing enough to wipe out the pounds.  Then we had the heat wave the last week . . . ugggghhhhhh.   My activity points dropped.  I try not to use air conditioning so exercising was not really an option in the heat and humidity.  I still make sure to get in an average of 8900 steps every day (this is about 2 miles) just in chores and parking away from the office/stores/etc.

goal setting exerciseSo this year for Christmas, I want to be a lot less of the person I currently am.  For gifts – feel free to chip in to help me purchase a used Wii Fit.  I love the Zumba, but I miss the variety of exercises on the Wii Fit.  Hoping over the summer I can pick up a used one that someone else has given up on.   Also, say prayers that I don’t become one of those quitters!  The Weight Watchers seems to be working for me.  The weekly meetings are VERY helpful and I appreciate the support of friends at these meetings.

Hope you are achieving the goals you set.  If not, take a moment now to recognize where you currently are, where you want to be, and how you are going to accomplish this.  With a little effort you can still accomplish your goals.  Even if you don’t accomplish the big goal, feel successful in sticking with a plan and seeing it through.


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