A Chill

Today it was necessary to go outside and mow the lawn.  Nothing unusual for a Saturday afternoon in Spring.  However, today it was necessary to put a parka and boots on before mowing.  I just want to say that if it is cold enough to have to wear a parka, grass should NOT be growing.

coldmowingThe freshly mowed lawn does look beautiful.  It cracks me up the way the chickens follow around the lawnmower going after the freshly cut grass and insects stirred up from the mower.  Now that the lawn mower is put away, it’s a pleasure to look over the finished work.  Bonus is that my neighbor didn’t get his yard done so mine looks better than his.   Typically he finishes before me and then I have to hustle to do my lawn so it doesn’t look horrible.

And FYI, no this is NOT me mowing.  But when I found it when hunting on line for a good picture to go with this post . . . how could I POSSIBLY resist.


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