Locally Employed

Having a part time job locally was nice, but the real goal was full time work that would cover my expenses and provided for retirement and benefits.  It took a little while, but things are finally starting to look up.  I now work full-time for the county and they are planning to utilize my technology skills to help improve our department.  It’s one of those rare win-win opportunities.

courthouseThe nicest thing is that I get to stay right here on the farm and I’m close enough to come home at lunch time.   The boys will certainly appreciate an afternoon break until they get back into the work routine.   The ladies I work with are really wonderful and I enjoy the customers we work with also.   I could wait for a job in the private sector and probably make a little more money, but the benefits would cost more and there wouldn’t be as good a retirement program which at my age, actually matters.

Just like our choice of life partners changes as we get older, so do our priorities in job opportunities.  Imagine that – who would have thought there would be a time when I would be making decisions on a job based on the medical and retirement benefits.  When I was first dating the big requirement was having that spark and chemistry – a mutual attraction.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s still attractive, but now it’s also important to have someone in your life that is smart and has displayed excellent common sense throughout their lives.  Now if I can just find that person.


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