Gone but Not Forgotten

Daddy's GirlThe challenge this week is remembering to make a joyful noise for the blessings God provides.   After 4 months, I have a job.  It is only part time, but it is working with the County Recorder’s office.  This is a “foot in the door” type of opportunity.  Hopefully there will be a full time opportunity in the future.  The full time benefits of this kind of job are a dream; especially after the last dismal job that I had.

February 19 was the third anniversary of Uncle Allen’s passing.  He was my mother’s brother and a fabulous Uncle.  He had a big booming voice that was filled with laughter and joy.  When Uncle Allen gave you a hug it wasn’t some frumpy embrace – he gave 200% of himself to you in that instant.  Covered you with love, adoration, and security.

Today, February 21 is the second anniversary of my Dad’s death.  he meant the world to me.  Everyone always says it gets easier with time.  I don’t know about that.  I still miss him, but maybe it isn’t every minute of the day like it was originally.  The ache of missing him doesn’t feel quite as unending as it did.  February 25 would have been Dad’s 75th birthday – he would have “catch up” with Mom until her birthday in August.  The funny thing was, as soon as he had his birthday – he automatically started adding that extra year to Mom’s age.  Now she celebrates a “half-birthday” February 25th while she’s with her Florida friends in honor of Dad.

February 20 would have been my cousin Bronson’s birthday.  He passed away October 31, 2012.  So many loved ones celebrating their heavenly anniversaries this week.  I read a comment that really struck home for me this week,

The Truth

If we could take a quick trip to heaven even just once a year and catch up with our loved ones, there would be no pain for those of us left behind.  But, once they are gone, that is it until we join them.   This is the pain, knowing that while you are here on earth you will never have them back.  Of course, for me and many Christians, knowing our loved ones are removed from the agony of this human life and awaiting us in heaven is reassuring and provides the joy to get us through the loss.  That is the joy I need to focus on this week even though I am grieving the loss of my loved ones.


4 thoughts on “Gone but Not Forgotten

  1. Hugs to you. February 21 is also the anniversary of my own father’s passing. This year marks five years since he died. I still miss him so much, but I know he’s in a better place…a place without cancer, chemo, surgeries, and pain. I don’t think the sense of loss will ever go away, but it does become more tolerable with time. I love that your mom celebrates a half birthday in honor of your dad!

  2. Andrea, I will be praying for you as well. It does get better with time, but even now, I sometimes find myself thinking of my dad and crying. It’s normal to miss him forever.

    I pray for you with your career. You are an excellent worker that I would want on my team anywhere, anytime. You are top notch and anyone who has any business smarts sees that. I recognized that when I saw your resume and told Chuck, “This is who you need. Interview her!”. I don’t think he regretted it ever.

    • Awww Shawn, thanks so much for the nice words. Was glad to see you landed on your feet with the job at Johnson Controls. Yep, I only cry occasionally now when I think of Dad so that’s better, but I am surprised at how much I still miss him. Would love the chance to talk through things with him. Guess as daughters we never get over our first true love, our Dad.

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