More Change

Without the focus of a full time job it is necessary for me to find other things to occupy my time.  One of the things I have been working on is loosing weight – mostly because if I don’t focus on it, I’ll balloon up to the point where I can’t get through a door.  I had to quit smoking as well.  I wasn’t a heavy smoker, just 4 cigarettes a day, but still it’s a challenge to give it up and it is a habit that is easily replaced by food.


In the mail I received a note that the assessment program at the local hospital was offering Weight Watchers free for a year.  After some consideration I signed up after the first of the year and have been dutifully tracking points.  The mobile features available for Weight Watchers to track your points are really great.  One of my favorite things is the ability to put in a recipe and find out how many points are in a serving.  Being out of work, I do a lot of cooking from scratch and this makes it easy to figure out how much I can eat.  Being a cook then becomes a real advantage because you can make alterations.  Substituting simple things in a recipe can save me points and let me eat more through the day.  Or better yet, I can even eat some chocolate.  Found this wonderful dark chocolate covered pretzels with caramel at Aldi’s that are only 5 points.

I might have to go through some of my recipes listed and mark out the points for each of them.  It’s kind of fun to see what you can eat.  One of the things I found is that chicken gizzards are considered a power up food.  They are high in nutrition, low in fat, and are very filling so they are highly recommended.  Wooooo hooooooo!  It’s these little tidbits of information that have kept me interested and encouraged.  Now the question is, in six months will I still be interested?


6 thoughts on “More Change

  1. In six months it will be a good habit so it won’t be an effort!! Plus you will be so slim and svelt that you will want to stay that way!!!! Mom

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