Elf’in help?

Procrastination is a big part of my life. I work very well under deadlines and pressure. In fact, some of my best assignments have been done in the least amount of time. Unfortunately when there are aches and pains – procrastination may NOT provide for the same positive outcomes.

Those of you who might have read some of my earlier posts might know that I live alone and have a small farm with a few animals. This doesn’t create a lot of work for me on a daily basis, but it certainly manages to create REGULAR work. I don’t care how many times you tell the horse no – he is still going to poop in the stall. And while the theory of ignoring this might seem feasible, I would not recommend it. You’ll end up with a sick, dirty, unhappy horse.Unhappy Horse

When you have regular work, it is necessary to do that regardless of how you might feel. So when my back started bothering me again, I continued to haul water buckets, fill troughs, toss hay bales (except those REALLY heavy ones) and of course shovel and toss manure.

Oooppss . . . might have been a little mistake. Despite all my normal remedy fixes, the pain continued to get worse. This week, I called my boss and asked if he would mind if I worked from home. This way I could sit in my very comfortable executive chair with my feet up and the pressure off my lower back. Thankfully he was okay with that. That didn’t help, so I finally had to break down and go to the doctors for a cortisone shot and berating from my doctor about not doing my strengthening exercises.

Working ElfSo for all the fairies and elves out there looking for good deeds to keep them busy, please feel free to come to the farm. My back could certainly use the respite. When your finished at my place, stick around because Auntie Neighbor is having knee surgery. While we both manage just fine, it would be nice if a little elf would show up. Just for a little break, please?


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