Who knew!

Anyone else out there on this web thingy shocked by what you didn’t know? What was the first thing you looked for when you got online? Do you remember? There was a time when search engines were not optimized, and finding something online took slightly more digging. Ha, there was a time when finding something online meant befriending a programmer so they could write code to hunt what you were looking for – of course, at that time no one was buying and selling online either.

Now everything can be found online. One of my first searches, and still a favorite – is recipes! I love recipes and cookbooks. My mother bought and kept every cookbook she ever saw. She read cookbooks to relax while pregnant for me (I blame this for my food issues / weight management issues!) Her “go bag” for the hospital to deliver, had cookbooks.

When the house had to go, I had to make choices. I selected my favorite cookbooks to keep, all the rest are gone. I tried to give them to Goodwill or a used bookstore – no one wanted them. They went to the landfill.

Now I hunt down individuals who blog about food and recipes. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with a food obsession! If you are fellow foodie – you need to check out some of these that I’ve found.
Grilled Spice Rubbed Chicken is a wonderful and unique seasoning for chicken, pork chops, or veggies. Anyone who has chickens knows that occasionally there are just more eggs than can be sold and I found this wonderful site by David Lebovitz to deal with this issue. And absolutely no midwest home would be complete without a recipe for Monster Cookies. A favorite way for me to increase my veggy intake is to layer them up with pie and cheese – there can’t possibly be ANYTHING wrong with this. And as long as we are discussing cheese – I had NO idea there were so many ways to make grilled cheese. This is just one of my favorite recipes I’ve found so far. And you can’t have a sandwich without a few potato chips along side right – so how much better when they are fresh chips, made from fresh veggies. Then of course, it’s necessary to have a little soup, and while I love tomato soup with grilled cheese, this lemon chicken soup is pretty outstanding too.

Like I said, who knew . . .


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