Wait long enough – it’ll come back around

So the master’s degree in Clinical Research Administration is done, I have a certification in Phlebotomy, and a certification in Database Programming. Just to keep my brain challenged, cause I seem to be obsessed with not having down time, I bought myself a book so that I can start studying for SAS certification. So what is happening – the IT Services company that I’m working for has thrown me into sales. Uggghhhhhhhh, not my favorite, but I’ve never turned away from a challenge. Within a month, they had me doing all kinds of marketing programs. REALLY

First, this company has been going for almost 2 years – someone should have been doing these marketing programs BEFORE they started hiring programmers. Then they might have had work in place before having to cover large payrolls. Day late, dollar short.

Second, I just spent a shload of money learning new skills because there were no jobs available to match my bachelor’s degree and 20 years of experience in MARKETING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember when your mother used to say – give it enough time and it’ll come back in style. Well that’s how I’m feeling right now. My only challenge now is to make certain I don’t loose any of the knowledge gained. Maybe somewhere in my future is the “ideal” job that will incorporate all the things I love – marketing, programming, and medical research.


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