What a MONTH

It has been a month without writing here. Holy Toledo. Who knew I could go so long without writing and not explode. Although, maybe I have kind of exploded.

My thesis is finished – I received a 100% and will graduate from Walden University this Summer with a 4.0 GPA and an MS in Clinical Research Administration. Finished that about 4 weeks ago, about the time I stopped writing here, coincidence? Me thinks not.

Two days after finishing I told a friend, I’m bored. She reminded me that I promised not to take any more classes until the fall. I was going to give myself a break and quit straining my brain to cram more in there. Hmmmmm . . . I lied. Last week I ordered a self-study book on SAS Programming Certification. I like programming, SAS will allow me to program for medical research. I like medical research too 🙂 So if I can find job this should work out wonderfully.

Yes, I still have my job. They decided to have me do sales and marketing rather than programming. Mostly because I have been doing marketing for 20+ years and I’m pretty good at it, but also because if people don’t do it right it drives me nuts and I absolutely have to say something. Problem is, while I love meeting and working with customers – I have no interest in doing sales calls. So I’ll try to get some certified programming that we might actually be able to get some work in so they have to let me go back to programming.

Maggie disappeared two weeks ago. Hot pink hen saver and all – she’s just gone. Poor little girl had a very rocky few weeks, but she was doing so much better that I let her out with the flock. Saw her in the morning before I went to work. At night when I was locking up the kids, she was gone. On the bright side, I have 3 brand new Buckeye chickens!!!! I am so excited. They are a rare breed of chickens, the only breed developed in Ohio, and the only breed developed by a woman. They are supposed to be very winter hardy and docile so I am looking forward to playing with them. Auntie Neighbor bought them because I’m forbidden from having any more chickens, but I should leave that story for another day.


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