Thesis and the finale

In five more weeks I will turn in my thesis and presentation. I have been working on my Master’s degree for since May 2010. I will receive a Master of Science in Clinical Research Administration – completely logical path for someone with a BBA, Marketing + 20 years of marketing experience; AS Database Programming + 6 months experience; and a Certificate in Phlebotomy + 4 months experience. So guess what my thesis is on?

Finding, Procuring, and Maintain Grants for Clinical Research

Yep, fits right in there with the rest of my background right! When my professor heard I used to write grants occasionally for non-profit organizations she strongly encouraged me to pursue this avenue for my thesis. There is a lack of material out there for individuals in research on grant funding so any opportunity to add valuable information is appreciated. Now I have to wonder how valuable the information I am gathering really is.

Everyone keeps asking me what I am going to do with my education. Hmmm . . . I don’t have a clue. My thought right now is nothing. I started this program while still unemployed, after taking the phlebotomy and working at a hospital for a short time I found out I really liked the medical field. Then with Dad’s illness I had a lot of opportunity to learn more about research. So this field seemed custom made just for me. Except for the travel. The good news is there are Clinical Research Coordinators who typically work at research sites – no travel required. The bad news was, getting into that.

Then the opportunity came along for me to get a job with a local start-up technology company. The only caveat – I had to take a 15 week course in data programming, but would then be well on my way to having an associates (need 2 more classes). So I took the gamble and started the course. 24 semester hours in 16 weeks plus a final presentation. And, of course, I still maintained my 12 hours for the Master’s program at the same time. FYI – I do not recommend this.

So I was offered a job with the tech company and really enjoy it. But I was only 5 classes from finishing my Masters, it seemed silly to quit. So, here I am over-educated, under-employed and happy with my life. Writing a thesis on a topic that has very little to do with work I am currently doing and thanking God for the diversity in my life.

Boredom is not an option.


5 thoughts on “Thesis and the finale

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  2. I don’t know why I feel compelled to comment (I think it was the phlebotomy thing), but I do….I used to be a Medical Laboratory Technician. I longed to work in a lab that did research but ended up in a small town clinic, where I often had to do phlebotomy (which I hate with a passion).

    Even though I’m not currently using my education (my official job title is now stay-at-home mom), someday I’d like to go back and get higher degrees and be something when I grow up…I just don’t know what! There are so many interesting options out there that it’s hard to decide.

    Good luck with your thesis!

    • Jen that is so funny, I had fully intended to look into the Lab Tech, but when the online Master’s program in research came up I just couldn’t resist. I know the challenge of balancing the small town life with the wants for a career.

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