Phone Decisions

The company I work for does software development. I own a Blackberry Curve. Every day anyone at work who sees my phone ridicules me for having one of the most obsolete phones still on the market. I would probably hear less if it WASN’T supposed to be a smart phone. I can’t even get any of our mobile developers to create basic programs for my Blackberry to show them off to customers. They tell me that they would be happy to let me borrow a “real” phone.

My contract is up for renewal in another 4 days and I have been evaluating the two primary mobile platforms – android and apple. I have also been checking out the different phones that are available for the android platform. Lots to consider. How much do you spend on a phone, is it really better, can I really justify what I do with the cost? Then I found out that some of the phones have docking stations that almost turn them into laptops. Holy cow. I could see some benefit to that for client presentations. Of course, can’t forget that those docking stations aren’t free either.

It would be excellent if upgrading my phone improves reception. Living in a metal building definitely has it’s drawbacks. It would be wonderful to have a phone that shows off the fabulous applications we have created here. My needs are minimal – having access to my email accounts is very important. OH and just an FYI – I REALLY REALLY want to be able to play Angry Birds!

So what would you recommend for a phone?


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