Winter and rain do not mix

Today we are having a heat wave in Northwest Ohio. It’s 50 degrees outside! Yipee, except for the fact that we have gray, dreary, rainy weather and are 1-1/4″ from beating the record from 1950 for the most annual rain.

Bad weather wouldn’t be so horrible except for the fact that some of us can’t hibernate at home. Dang bills and job. Karma, this statement is in jest. After two years of unemployment I am ridiculously thankful for my job. Although I still would be fine if the bills were paid off. Is that an option?

Every morning I drag myself out of bed at “way-too-dark-thirty” to throw the dogs out of bed, open the barn door, feed and water the horse and chickens, clean the stall, and walk the horse out to pasture. I have to lock the pups outside with me or they would run back into the house and bask in the residual heat from the toasty warm bed we just left. (Dog thoughts in an evil voice, “Hehehe, we’ll just hang out in the warm bed until she leaves for work. Then we can go into the nice toasty warm living room – much better than going potty in the cold outside.) Anyone who doesn’t have indoor/outdoor pets might think I’m crazy. My recommendation, get a dog and join the madness. Cats don’t count because I have one of those. She sticks her nose outside, notes the chill or wet in the air, and then turns and runs to her litter box. The only thing the pups do that involves the litter box is sift out tootsie rolls. GAG

There are puddles surrounding my house. This means wet dogs and a horse stuck in his stall. Neither of which is fun. The chickens are blissfully stupid so the rain doesn’t bother them at all. And as I mentioned above, the cat is a “have your cake and eat it too” kind of girl. The horse, the dogs, and I seem to be the only ones who really don’t enjoy this winter rain weather. We want our outside time. The cold might be bitter, but when your working it doesn’t settle into your bones and make you ache. There is nothing prettier than a crisp winter morning with frost on the tree limps and sun sparkling across snow dazzling and brilliant.

For now I am dealing with 10″ mud pits at the pasture gates, wet dogs, a sulking stalled horse, and lots of layers to keep the wet out.


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