Dudley Update

Dudley is LOVING his first winter.  January will be his 1st birthday, but by his reaction to the snow and ice outside, I guarantee he didn’t spend any time out in it last year.

  1.  Dudley is playing with ice that he brings in from outside.  His big problem, someone keeps stealing his ice toys from him!  He brings them in, puts them on the bed and then comes out to eat, drink, pester the cat – when he comes back, his toy is gone!
  2. Poopsicles are MARVELOUS.  Who knew that horse shit was even better frozen.  Needless to say – I’m not sharing kisses with the little monster.
  3. OH CRAP – how do you stop on this stuff!  He has run into the side of the barn several times because the puppy braking system does NOT work on ice.  AND since Mr. Dudley rides the short bus, we all know that he still has not figured out why he can’t stop.  Opie looks at him with utter disgust!

I am really looking forward to getting some serious drifting snow that he can plow into.  That should be hysterical.  He attempted to grab some snow and bring it in the house, but that didn’t work out so well.  Again, he had a very perplexed look on his face.  Maybe Opie will graciously explain to him the rules of winter one of these days.  But, then again, I believe Opie enjoys seeing the little monster perplexed.


2 thoughts on “Dudley Update

  1. Thank you so much. This was not the dog I had been looking for through rescues for months on end, but something about him just seemed to fit. He has been a wonderful addition to our little family, at least for the most part. Working in rescue and having no “skin” kids, I always took older dogs with issues. Dudley is the first puppy I have had in 33 years. It’s a big change!

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