Life revolves around weather reports

This morning I could hear rain on the metal roof and walls, the pups were starting to move around, and I knew it was time to make a decision.  It was 6:00am, another 10 minutes before my alarm would go off.  The weekend was wasted on a nasty cold that just doesn’t want to leave.  I was so tired that last night I went to bed at 10:15pm – unheard of that I would miss the weather report!  Neighbors mentioned that we were supposed to have a wet week, hmmm . . . . horse in or out?

The horse has no shelter out in his 2 acres of pasture so I am always hesitant to leave him outside in real downpours, especially cold winter downpours.  Northwest Ohio isn’t in the clenching grip of winter just yet, but it is definitely getting close.  So I got out of bed to find out what the weather was expected to be like for the day.  Last night when I realized I was not going to be able to stay up long enough to watch the weather, I set the DVR to tape the evening news.  Oh Lord, please show me that my life is bigger than this.  I have become my grandfather.

I adore my grandfather, but we would laugh at the fact that he would “nap” on the couch during prime time TV and Grandma had to wake him up when the news came on so he could watch the weather report.  If he had the weather channel and a DVR, he would have watched weather reports non-stop.  Yes, he was a farmer, but still, he did this year round, it had nothing to do with crops in the field!  So here I am at 6:10am watching the taped version of last nights weather report to find out the animal plan for the day and thinking of the fact that I have become my Grandpa.  That made me smile, I’m pretty sure Grandpa was there checking out the weather with me and smiling that he had trained me so well.  Not a bad way to start a Monday.


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