Just a little ranting

The news today is filled with information regarding the scandal at Penn State. It amazes me that people are supporting an individual who made a choice to not report child abuse to the police department. This individual is an educator.  I know he went to his boss.  However, when he saw that there was no involvement with official legal authorities, why did he do nothing?  What is a child’s well-being worth?

Then we have the perspective candidates in the Republican party. They can’t remember what they wanted to speak about. Embroiled in sex scandals. Unfamiliar with international affairs. Someone please find an excellent candidate, not just the best of the worst.  Please find someone who can inspire our country.  Let’s find someone who considers this the most important thing they will do in their lifetime.  I don’t want someone who has the facade of being a good person – I want someone who is that person.  How is it that beauty pageant candidates spend more time preparing than perspective candidates for the President of the United States of America?

Individuals are protesting. Despite constant coverage, there is still some question as to what they are protesting. Some don’t want to pay their student loans because they can’t find jobs that will cover the cost. Ahhh yes, here’s the solution, let’s just add more uncollected debt to the burden our country is already carrying – that should fix everything!  Well it would fix things for you.  The rest of us, who have taken whatever work we can find, eliminated all unnecessary expenses, and negotiated to make payments on our debts will be happy to pay increased taxes and struggle until the economy turns around.  At that point maybe you will be willing to rejoin the workforce at a salary commiserate with you lifestyle needs.  Maybe since you have been so accommodating in your objections the government would also be willing to give you one of the millions of unoccupied homes.

A co-worker told me the other day that he only purchases insurance for himself. He has 4 children, but the mother of his children and he are not married, but they have lived together for years. The mother doesn’t work. The state is providing medical benefits for his children. Let me see, we have several father’s in the office, they take responsibility for their children. Why is this individual, who has access to insurance coverage for his children allowed to continue to utilize government funded benefits?


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