Normally when we stumble it isn’t a good thing.  Last fall I stumbled, my foot landed on the edge of the side walk and I heard a snap as I was falling.  On the ambulance ride to the hospital I mentioned that I had been praying for a break, the EMT suggested I might want to be a little more specific in my prayers from now on.  The emergency room doctor said a break would have been better, I ripped all the ligaments off the bone in my  ankle.  8-10 weeks with no weight on my foot and a minimum of 16 weeks in an air cast and on crutches.  The important thing is it is just a stumble.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again!  ~ Sung in the movie Swing Time by Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger

There are times however when we stumble and it is wonderful.  I spent two years looking for just the right horse.  One day I stumbled across an add that I had glanced over several times before.  This time I read the add closely.  The website owner was in upper Michigan, but she was advertising this horse for a friend who was less than 5 minutes away from where I worked.  The horse ended up being the ideal guy for me and I thank God daily for bringing us together.

Writing this blog is another good stumble for me.  It might not be life changing, but maybe in a way it is.  When friends and family aren’t enough, or you don’t want to risk whining to anyone else, writing provides an outlet.  The true blessing has been reading information from other bloggers.  Learning is a never ending process and the other day I stumbled across Tom Basson because he was posted on Freshly Pressed.  His blog that day was that

Every day is an opportunity to start again.  A new beginning.”

That day I needed those words and guidance.  He offered 6 simple things to stop caring about to help you create that new beginning.  I realized these were things that I obsessed on, so I pasted his list onto Word made it fit onto an 8-1/2 x 11 piece of paper and have it hanging next to my computer monitor.  Twice a day I read through that list to remind myself of the difference between what does matter and what does not matter.  My life has been about mastering change.  I don’t like change I cling to the familiar with a death grip.  It doesn’t matter how inconsequential or detrimental it might be – clothes, broken shoes, old homework, friends, coworkers.  Giving up that grip on things has been a rewarding challenge.  Now I am going to start on this new list.  Tomorrow I look forward to stumbling on something you’ve written.  I look forward to laughing with you, learning from you, and being inspired to continue the metamorphosis.

What are you looking for today as you stumble?

2 thoughts on “Stumble

  1. what a beautiful post. Thanks for writing it, and thanks for reading my “stumblings”… It is very humbling for me to hear that someone actually printed out my post and it has helped in some small way.

    know your post has encouraged me…

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