Puppy Chowder

My dogs just love this treat especially served warm in the winter.  During the summer, I freeze it in small paper cups and put it on the kibble for them to lick and nibble at to keep them cool.

1 whole chicken, pheasant, rabbit, squirrel ***

minced garlic

apple cider vinegar

Put the meat (bones and all) in the crock pot.  Fill the crock pot with water with about 2-1/2″ from the top.  Put in a good helping of the vinegar, I probably use almost 2 cups, and then probably about 3 T of minced garlic.  If your dogs tend to have dry skin, I would recommend adding in some vegetable oil, maybe a cup or two.  Turn the crock pot on low and leave it alone for 24 hours.

You will want to let the mixture cool.  Then start pulling out the meat and bones.  The bones should disintegrate in your hands – any bones that don’t you will want to throw in the trash.  Cut the meat into small pieces and shred into the soup along with the disintegrated bones.  Your pups will get 100% of the benefit from the meat when it is done this way since they will get gristle, marrow, fat, meat – all the good stuff!

I package this up in small sandwich sized freezer bags or put 1/2c in a small paper cup.  I typically put 7c of chowder in each freezer bag so I have enough for about a week.  My dogs get about 1/2c chowder and 1/2c water over 2c of kibble in the evening (60lb dogs).  I warm the 1/2c of chowder in the microwave for 20 seconds before I put it on the kibble, but I use warm tap water for the other 1/2c – this makes sure that nothing is too hot for them.

During the summer, the garlic and vinegar helps reduce insect bites.  The best thing is  – the dogs absolutely LOVE it!  If their tummies get upset, add 1/2c yogurt to the 1/2c of chowder and mix that over their kibble.  Settle the tummy and makes them happy.

***  Forgot to mention that this works wonderfully for leftover carcass too.  I usually take the leftover Thanksgiving turkey carcass after the majority of the meat is off and make this recipe.  You would be amazed how much meat the pups get.


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