Where have all the B-movies gone?

Okay so one of my big weaknesses is movies.  I love them.  My father loved them too.  Our family would sit down on Sunday nights to watch the latest Disney movie.  We’d munch popcorn and might even get the privilege to have some soda.  During commercials we’d run to the restroom because there was no pause button.  My Dad would pick on my Mom, sometimes my sister and I would protect her sometimes we helped Dad in picking on her.  As soon as the movie came back on we were back to our seats.

Is it any wonder I LOVE movies?  Those moments with family that create childhood are powerful.  After going to college, being in the Army, marrying, divorcing, becoming unemployed, etc. – one way to catch a really good feelings is to sit down in front of a movie.  Now, here is my “dirty little secret”, I’m totally addicted to B horror movies.  Most people flip right across Godzilla versus Mothra, but I’ve seen it dozens of times and will watch it every opportunity I get.  It wasn’t until after I got married that I was introduced to “pay” TV on a regular basis.  A few people in college had pay TV, the university that I went to probably had it, but only in community rooms, and the TV we had in the room got 6 channels – one more than I had gotten at my house growing up.

Pay TV is important to my addiction.  It used to be that I could only see a good B horror movie Halloween night after midnight.  In my lifetime, at one (MAYBE) two movies a year – I would never have seen all the B movies that have been made.  Then came the Science Fiction channel!  REALLY!!!!  OH BOY!  I can’t even begin to express my exuberance when the roommates flipped to SciFi channel.  At the time I had just moved, was 3 months pregnant, and working part time.  Laying down made me sick, so I now had an excuse to prop myself up in front of a television all hours of the night.  They even had B movie marathons, a vacation day was required to make sure none were missed.

That was 20+ years ago.  I love SyFy channel still.  The 31 days of Halloween is an event that I look forward to every year.  September 30th I am scanning the guide to record all the best Halloween classics and try to catch every possible new horror movie as well.  Every Saturday night SyFy premiers a new movie.  Weekends typically have movie marathons around some kind of theme – monsters, natural disasters (the Earth strikes back!), dysfunctional families, the neighbors, etc.  When I’m having a difficult day, I look forward to sitting down and loosing myself in a “good” B movie.  Someone has forgotten their duty to the loved genre of B horror movies.  Actually I have come to believe that SyFy is airing the same movie under alternative titles.  I am devastated.  Please don’t make me watch lifetime movies.  It just isn’t in me to become one of those insipid individuals who lives vicariously through romantic adventures displayed on screen.  Let there be lava threatening extinction, killer radiation altered creatures living in suburbia, or crazed demented individuals committing crime sprees across the country.   Come on movie makers!  It’s time for some new B movies!  Heck, they don’t even have to be original ideas, we love them regardless.


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