Know the facts

A friend commented the other day that Reagan had spent the most amount of money with the Bush’s a close second. She posted this on FB. My friend knew no facts behind her statement, simply reposted, and was referencing overall government spending.

I pointed out to her that the statement about Regan and Bush spending eludes to funds spent by the executive office This is correct Nancy Reagan spent an exorbitant amount of money doing an overhaul to the White House. It was reported that many portions of the White House had not been touched since the Kennedy’s, it was a due for updating. In this age of instant information it is easy to find factual data to support your commentary and yet many people regurgitate information, or take information out of context, and then the real facts are difficult to identify. For those who would like to check the facts:

White House Historical Budget

Just to satiate my curiosity I looked up the national debt and they had a table where they showed debt relative to our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). And because I’m a total spreadsheet geek, I downloaded the government spreadsheet and added a column that showed the percentage the debt increased over the previous year. THEN, just to show you how much of a geek I am, I charted the percentage increase and the percentage of debt to GDP and showed linear trend lines for each. Debt to GDP

EEEECCCCKKKKK . . . trend line for GDP is decreasing, the trend line of increasing debt is shooting up! Maybe we should set guidelines for politicians that they can only have a budget that is XX% of the national GDP. If they can’t get that budget approved then they loose their paychecks and benefits until they get an approved budget. Or we could just say that for every percentage they are over, we cut that percentage out of their income and benefits. Let them all feel the pain that many of us are experiencing.

Anyone else have ideas that they wish someone would listen to about change?


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