Rain is a good thing?

On my way home last night I heard the country song, “Rain is a good thing.”  I understand in June, July, and August when we had gone weeks without any significant rainfall.  We all appreciate the rainfall, to keep everything green, keep water or electric bills reasonable (I mean what’s the sense in saving money growing food if you are doubling your bills doing it!) I even get the value of rainfall that keeps our plants fresh in the fall and helps speed the decomp of the leaves on the ground.  But what I don’t understand is why it just keeps coming!

Last week there were several days where rain was expected so I left Hat in his stall.  If I don’t do this, Auntie Neighbor chastises me for leaving his filthy butt outside.  Really?  Well, honestly, I don’t really want a sick horse and cold rain is not a great combination for anyone.  So I left him inside two days, and never got a bit of rain either day.  Of course leaving him inside for extended times also means that I had LOTS of extra cleaning to do in his stall.  I love cleaning stall, but I HATE throwing away bedding that should have been good for another week.  Oh well, the joy of ownership.

So this week we are having significant rainfall.  So significant in fact that I can’t flush my toilet and run the sink at the same time.  The leach field is apparently a little saturated.  The good news is Hat has a nice clean stall to stand around in and he honestly doesn’t care if he is in or out – as long as there is food involved.  However last night I came home and found out what drowned chickens look like.  Those goofy girls were out running around the yard and were absolutely saturated.  I asked them why they weren’t in there nice dry barn?  Whitey didn’t even crow at me.  I don’t know what they are thinking.  Maybe they went out during one of the light sprinkles and just got caught in a downpour?  I considered leaving the barn locked up today so they wouldn’t be out running around, but that’s not very healthy for any of them so hopefully, they learned from the drenching yesterday and will stay a little closer to the barn.  If not, I think I’ll take a picture of the drenched girls and posted it – it is pretty funny.


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