Order up

IMG_0253This morning I told the girls that they needed to make sure and get me 6 eggs today. We have a 2 doz egg order and sometimes the girls give me 6 eggs a day, sometimes I only get 5. One of these days I am expecting to find a slew of eggs hidden somewhere. It was 6:15 am and the girls were still on their roost at the top of Hat’s stall. I had just flipped on the light and was getting glazed glares from the entire crew. Whitey stood up, looked at me and started crowing.

Whitey typically crows for no apparent reason. He is still a young rooster and his crow is not excessively loud, unless of course he is enclosed in a small metal building. It was ear piercing loud, especially at 6:15am. I am not certain if he was rallying the troops to get them motivated for a strong day of laying or telling me to go jump off a bridge. I pointed out to the gang that I had bought them a brand new bag of pellets and Auntie Neighbor brought them over an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables so they had plenty of nourishment.

I guess when I get home this afternoon I will find out if Whitey was rallying or rebelling. Wish me luck, we have egg orders to fill!


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