92 years

I just watched Andy Rooney’s farewell as a weekly installment in our lives on 60 minutes. He said this isn’t the end, but that he won’t be a weekly feature. I was stunned to hear that he was 92 years old! WOW

It’s amazing how well spoken and focused he is. I think about how scattered I am and how easily I lose track of my thoughts. It’s hard for me to imagine how I will be in another 50 years. That got me to wondering, what would I do if I knew that I would have another 50 years.

I’ve always respected the way Mr. Rooney spoke his mind. His facts were in order and he understood the topics that he discussed well enough to present arguments. Controversial topics he tried to present with a slice of humor. He honored this country in words and seemed to know exactly what to say when we all mourned. He has provided a respectable legacy for his family. Shown the value of commitment in home and work. Given a voice to the stupid and outrageous around us.

When I think of what I would do I think Andy would be a wonderful example. He does admit to being a curmudgeon and that is not something I think I could do. What is more important – what you accomplish or how you are perceived when you leave this world?

I believe I would prefer to leave this world with a positive impression of who I am through my actions. I may never accomplish great things, but if I could simply be great at what I accomplish that would be enough.

Thank you Mr. Rooney for all your commentary and entertainment!


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