Must have – Bogs

Last spring I was struggling about whether to spend $90 for a pair of Bogs. My friend had told me that they were an absolute must have. But when you are unemployed, paying out thousands of dollars for education, and have no job opportunities in site – $90 is a TON of money.

One day I walked into the local farm store and there was a pair of Bogs on the clearance table for $80, in my size. Hat was moving to the farm the next week, so I decided it was time to break down and spend the money.

If you aren’t familiar, Bogs are 100% water-proof and insulated. They come in several heights, but my friend told me to get the tall ones. She showed me how she turned down the tops when it was warmer. So I made the investment and I am writing to say, if you have a farm and spend a lot of time outside, you need a pair of these boots. They rank right up there with the carharts as must have equipment. The only time I haven’t worn them is July and August when we were without rain so there wasn’t even dew on the ground in the mornings.


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