Spa follow up

So today it was lightly sprinkling when I got up to take care of the animals. The dogs really didn’t want to spend anytime outside. Goodness forbid that their little paws get damp! The chickens were up and roaring when I opened the barn door. Hat was gazing out his window nonchalantly taking in the morning.

I tossed Hat several flakes of hay and told him we were supposed to have a full day of rain. I know that if I leave him in the stall, it probably won’t rain. If I turn him out it probably will rain and Auntie Neighbor (who would keep him in her house if she could) would be over to put him in his stall! She has the day off after a very challenging week and I am sure that part of her “me” day will be spoiling her pups and if she can figure out how to fit it in, she’ll be over to spoil Hat, the dogs, the cat, and chit chat with the chickens.

Auntie Neighbor has the chickens so SPOILED that as soon as they see her at the end of the driveway they presume they are getting kitchen scraps. B’s (her son and yes we actually call him B) first day of school they were at the end of the driveway waiting for the bus and the girls were confused. Confusion is not a long trip for a chicken. The neighbors had stuff in their hands, but were not crossing the street? What was the problem? Whitey spoke up to let her know where they were. To no avail, they were left forgotten and starving by the road. (Remember this is THEIR perspective, not ours.) Devastated when B disappeared after the yellow thing left and Auntie neighbor retreated down her driveway – they were forced to scrounge through their scant 90 acres for fresh bugs, delve through the meager 40# of pellets, and pick through fresh raspberries. It is such a difficult life.

Our first realization of just how spoiled the chickens were occurred not long ago. Auntie neighbor came over one for a girl’s night with other friends. Auntie’s hands were full of tex-mex dip and margarita fixings for the get together. Spaz, one of the Obama’s, saw her coming and began chattering and RUNNING towards the end of the driveway. The other girls saw Spaz’s reaction and then saw Auntie and followed suit. The entire way up the drive, Spaz walked next to Auntie chattering away with the rest of the clutch close behind. There are two evergreen trees and I keep water and toss scraps for the girls between these trees partly because there is shade almost all day, but mostly because the girls like to roost in the branches of the evergreens. As they got close to the scrap site, Whitey ran ahead and announced that scraps were going to be served. Auntie attempted to explain that she didn’t have anything for them right now, but you know chickens only hear what they want.

As she walked past the scrap area toward the front door, the girls walked over to the scrap area to make sure she hadn’t left something. Auntie felt so bad that she hardly ever comes over without a little something for the girls. There is nothing worse than being chastised by a clutch of chickens.


One thought on “Spa follow up

  1. OH – I did take a few moments to head over with all the critters that day I was off, even though my sinuses felt like they were going to explode! AND…I never thought I’d love chickens so much. They are soooo cool!

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