I think most of the time I manage to be a fairly upbeat, positive person. The last few weeks have not been my best and right now, I can’t imagine when this will end.

This is a great time of year so I can’t blame it on that. Although I will admit the aches in my joints do seem to be worse this year and usually that has a lot to do with the wet, chilly weather. Tylenol has become a very good friend.

My time away from work has either been doing schoolwork or getting things done to prepare for Dad’s Memorial service. My to-do list keeps getting longer and the days keep getting shorter. I need to spray round up in a few areas – so if possible God please no rain or wind for a few days? I also need to fog the woods/pond area for mosquitoes so that our company doesn’t get eaten alive. My mother likes flower beds (YUCK) so there are a few of those I need to get weeds out of. My yard theory: if you can’t mow over it or trim around it, don’t put it out there! Stone needs to be spread around the new addition base to help minimize weeds, after round up kills the ones there. More stone needs to be spread out on the floor of the addition – there are a few low spots we found during the spring RAINS!

And of course there is always cleaning and organizing that has to be done. My stall and chicken area is nice and clean, but apparently that isn’t anyone else’s priority. Still trying to get my chicken coop done. I broke down this weekend and purchased bracing for the corners to help stabilize the walls. So at this point I have spent $16 on 2 4×4’s, $96 on 1 6×3 trailer, $19 on a roll of chicken wire, and $21 on bracing. So still significantly less than purchasing one of the pretty finished chicken coops. Hopefully this will help me get moving on the project again.

Maybe it’s just the thought of everyone being here at the farm and saying goodbye to Dad. I usually go back to the woods at least once a week and have a nice chat with him. This won’t change after the memorial service, but I think it’s the thought of sharing the time with everyone that has me a little bummed. Hopefully Dad can pull some strings upstairs and provide us with a fabulous day.


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