Farm Spa Treatments

Hatman went out early this morning – I was awake, the dogs wanted outside, so it was an opportunity to get him out and minimize stall cleaning.  When I flipped on the light in the barn I had 9 sets of glazed eyes looking at me.  Apparently they weren’t up.  Love it when I get to wake up my chickens!  Hat looked at me like I was totally out of my mind.  He didn’t even want to put his halter on.  BUT he did and I took him out to the pasture.

When I went in the house it was 5:15am.  I have to leave for work at 7:45am.  So I turned on the radio and laid down to doze with the dogs who just love the extra snuggle time.  Opie usually lays down by my feet and rests his legs across mine.  He was facing with his head up toward me so I could reach down and rub his ears.  This is a favorite of his and usually gets a very content sigh.  Dudley lays with his head on my shoulder and will roll over for a good belly rub if my hand is available.

So at 6:45am my alarm goes off so it’s time to officially start my day.  I check everyone’s food and water.  Send the dogs outside for another potty break.  Clean out my stall, rinse out water buckets, and throw hay in the stall this makes sure everything is ready if I would need to throw Hat inside when I get home.  The chickens are out in the yard making their rounds, their food and waters are full, so I throw down some oyster shells.  After doing my barn chores I head in to clean up and get ready for a the work day.  The radio had been on all morning, but all of a sudden at 7:30am I finally hear the weather for the day – scattered showers and severe thunderstorms.

Normally I would just head on in to work, but Monday we had severe thunderstorms come through.  It was supposed to be scattered showers, but ended up being a DOWNPOUR for over an hour.  Which Hat was standing in outside.  No, it doesn’t hurt him one bit, but I felt bad because he has no cover to minimize the rain hitting him.  My two “friends” chastised me for turning him out with the threat of rain.  So this morning I decided to bring Hat in.  Scattered showers don’t bother me, but severe thunderstorms worry me, because that often can mean hail in this area and that hurts when it hits.

I was already dressed and ready to walk out the door to work.  I contemplated throwing on my barn clothes, but there wasn’t that much time left, so I just went with throwing on my chore boots.  Hat was pacing at the gate and he was filthy.  In the few hours he had been out he found the muddiest pit and apparently had himself a good roll.  Okay, well it wasn’t like I needed to touch him to lead him in.

I hooked him to the lead line and started to send him through the gate.  He nudged me just a little, but that was all it took.  I was trying to avoid him, standing in damp clay.  I am NOT a graceful or coordinated individual, my feet tripped over themselves and I was on the ground.  I sat there in the wet clay in my skirt and blouse with Hat looking at me puzzled.  Then I am pretty sure Hat started laughing.

Hat went in his stall and I went inside to change clothes and run through the shower.  One of my co-workers told me that there are people out there paying lots of money for mud baths and I should be appreciative.  Yeah that wasn’t exactly my first thought.


One thought on “Farm Spa Treatments

  1. I love it! And I’m sure Hat was laughing, then told the chickens all about it too! Then when you went in, the dogs were discussing they’d better not push your buttons today and it’s a good thing they got some extra lovin’ before all that happened.

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