Thursday I had a little conversation with the girls.  I explained to them that the grit, oyster shells, grain and water are all easily accessible to them everyday that they have been with me.  They have a cozy warm barn on chilly rainy days and an industrial fan on those blazing hot days.  In return, my only expectation was eggs and preferably in the very nice nests that I had supplied for them.  They had never had to look for their food or water, couldn’t they extend the same favor to me and not make me hunt for their eggs?

This past week I have found eggs in the Chrysanthemums, raspberry bushes, soybean field, and under the evergreen trees.  My neighbor let me know that she had found eggs at the corner of her porch – at that point there had been an egg there every day for 4 days.  She asked if I wanted to block the area so that the girls couldn’t lay over there.  I told her it was repayment for supplying all the wonderful bugs in her yard which my girls love to meander through 🙂  The girls just wanted to say thank you.

Honestly I wouldn’t mind one bit if the girls laid eggs all over the place, but I have a waiting list for eggs at work!  WHO KNEW!  Everyone told me I would never be able to get rid of all my eggs.  I’m telling you between my neighbors and the co-workers I have not had a bit of trouble finding homes for my eggs and in fact, have a running list at work so that I know who is getting the next dozen eggs from the girls.  Now I just need the girls to cooperate and provide those eggs to me in an easily accessible manner.  I’m having enough challenges mastering PHP and CSS, I really don’t need the daily Easter egg hunt.


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