This morning my boss and I were discussing reality TV.  I’m not a huge fan, but I do like to watch the Amazing Race.  So does my boss and her husband.  I asked her a question that I have contemplated many times while watching that race . . . who would you take?  She didn’t know, but said she was pretty certain that it wouldn’t be her husband.  I think I would take my mother.

Selecting a partner is pretty important.  It has to be someone who can push you, but not break you.  They should be able highlight your weaknesses as you do theirs.  Probably wouldn’t be a bad thing if you liked them at least a little after all you are going to be spending weeks on end with this person.  That show can be pretty physical so if you don’t have equivalent physical abilities, it would be a good idea to understand who the weaker one would be.

My friends and I often talk about the selection of a partner for the Amazing Race.  I have a girlfriend who is physically very strong.  But she is also diabetic, overweight, and prone to being sick.  Her husband is very strong and usually amicable, although he can be bull headed at times.  She has joked that her husband and I would make a good partnership because we don’t have the emotional attachment.  There are times when those close relationships can be a detriment.  If you don’t have that relationship you are less likely to push each others buttons.

It’s a lot of fun to think about.  I probably should have put this much thought into my marriage.  If I had maybe I would have recognized the things that ended up separating us.  So what criteria would you consider for your partner?



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