Stall Duty

I think it would be beneficial for me to have a computer in or near my horses stall.  It always seems that I come up with the BEST ideas while I’m out there shoveling manure.  I know that isn’t realistic, because if I was constantly running over typing on the computer, then I wouldn’t be having the great ideas.  For some reason, that is just the way the process works.  In order to become truly creative we have to disconnect and allow our minds to go wherever they want.  Taking care of my animals provides that freedom.  I never feel better than after doing some kind of “mind-numbing” work.  I have always attributed it to the sense of accomplishment, but I wonder if it is the absolute relaxation of just letting my mind go wherever it wants.

Maybe in order to solve problems our leadership should be doing some of this type of work more frequently.  They are non-stop trying to solve problems, field questions, and find balance with personal life.  Maybe spending an hour a day doing a little menial labor would be beneficial to them.  Their brains have to be overwhelmed.

One of the ideas that I think we truly need to implement is having drug testing for anyone who collects a government check such as welfare and unemployment.  I also feel that anyone who is on welfare for longer than one year should be required to work for their checks.  The school systems are always looking for assistants in the classroom and we already have qualified teachers there who can assure that the assistants are doing the work needed.  And for those who say they can’t leave their children unattended – provide day care run by other welfare recipients.  For those who say they have no transportation.  Ta-da – train bus drivers from the recipients who will pick everyone up and drop them off at their jobs.  If they don’t show up for their “project work” they don’t receive a check.  If they show up late, they get docked.  If they need time for doctor’s appointments or other meetings – they must submit a request in advance.  Yes, the government employees at the welfare offices would end up being “supervisors” of the recipients and they might have to do a little more work, but these individuals would be receiving on the job training and I know for a FACT it would make me feel better if they were required to undergo the same testing and requirements I have to in order to get a paycheck from my taxes.

What are some of the ideas you have come up with?


One thought on “Stall Duty

  1. This is good Andrea! You and I agree on MANY things, add mandatory birth control to the welfare population as well. This is good therapy for you. I wish you best with your dad’s memorial. I lost mine almost 11 years ago and I sometimes stop at his grave and catch him up on the happenings. The last time I was there, I was pretty unsettled. He once gave me a paperweight with a gold bird on top with ruby eyes. The plaque on it says “Leave the Worrying to Me”. He gave it to me when he retired and told me to rub the worry bird when I was worried. It always sat on my desk. I just now dug it out of my “work box” and put it next to me at my computer that I’ve lived at for the last three months looking for jobs, taking the OSHA 10/30 course and studying for my HACCP auditor certification test that I’m sitting for on Saturday. He’s no longer here, but his advice lives on.

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