Hidden Treasures

Yesterday I had a big surprise.  I had completely cleaned up the barn on Sunday, but apparently I missed one area.  Directly behind my portable saddle rack.  I knew I missed it because when I was cleaning out the nest boxes on Monday, I looked over and there was a pile of light brown gold!  EGGS!  Not just one or two, but 8 eggs.

A couple of the chickens had opted away from the mainstream laying boxes and “made their own path.”  I moved the saddle rack out of the way.  The girls had taken Hat’s tail bags and some cloth strips that I use to braid his tail and made their own nest.  It was dark and quiet and the egg thief hadn’t found it so they got to keep their little treasures all to themselves.

One of the eggs was broken, I wondered if one of the girls had done that with their beaks and hope that isn’t the case.  They say that if the chickens break their own eggs they won’t stop.  They find they like the taste and not only will they break their eggs, but anyone else’s they can get to.

I cleaned up the little space and got some very nice soft hay to line the area so the girls wouldn’t be tempted to pull the tail bags and rags off the shelf again.  I took the eggs in and brushed them off.  Many of them had old dry yolk on them from the broken egg.  I am anxious to find out if the girls will find my nest sufficient or if they will hunt for a new place to hide their eggs.

Even though I had nothing to do with actually creating the eggs, there is a tremendous sense of accomplishments at looking at those filled cartons.


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