Keeping up with the old people

My 74 year old mother has been at my house since Sunday.  I love her visits, but I am thrilled she has gone home.  She has a very weird perspective on what I need to do and I am pretty certain she is trying to kill me.

Monday night after work I got home and she had a church group there waiting for me to load up furniture.  They actually wanted me to hook the van and trailer up and haul it 20 miles away where they would unload it and then I could come home.  I said no.  I had volunteered to help, but I had also told the church lady that she would need to call and schedule some time with me to get the stuff moved.

Tuesday I got home and Mom had been weeding all day.  She said, you are coming out to help me with these weeding right?  Yes, let me change my clothes and get something to drink.  She was in the house to let me know that I was moving pretty slow.  I suggested she get something to drink.  We went out and pulled weeds until 7:30pm.  I had to yell at her to get her out of the garden.  We went up to eat at Sonic and she complained that she was dehydrated, I pointed out that if she had listened to me and taken a break to get a drink she wouldn’t be having that problem.

When she left at 9:30pm I told her how much I loved her and appreciated her help.  She said it was too bad I couldn’t keep up with her.  I told her that’s what happens when you have to work at a job for 8-10 hours a day.


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