Part of any good overhaul is recognizing what isn’t worth saving. Of course, you also don’t want to do the whole “as long as we’re doing this” routine either. I have been a fan of This Old House for as long as I can remember and anytime they do a remodel they discuss the fact that one of the downfalls is the “while we’re at it” ideas.

You know the ones. You are changing out the sink in the bathroom and decide that since you are doing this you should probably get new faucets too. Once you select the new faucets you realize the vanity and towel hangers are really going to look dated. You select a new vanity and towel hangers when you begin thinking about the medicine cabinet which matches the vanity you are taking out. So you go back to get a new medicine cabinet. Of course, the lighting in the new medicine cabinet isn’t going to match the lighting in the rest of the bathroom so you select complimentary fixtures. So as you go through the checkout to pay for the $30 sink, you try to figure out how this simple afternoon project turned into a $3000 week-long job. It’s easy – as long as you are doing x, you might as well . . .   Ta-da, the fastest route to the “while your at it” project weekend!

As I am rebooting my life, this is a good thing to keep in mind.  There are pieces of my life that definitely should be thrown out.  They are worn and no longer hold any value.  However, there are areas that I could definitely develop.  With a some care and thought, these areas may eventually become focal points.


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