Potluck Sandbaggers

We had another potluck at work today.  I love to cook, but I am on a major budget.   My first thought was to just bring in some lemon meringue bars – I had all the ingredients so it wouldn’t have cost me anything to make.  But then I looked at the sign up list – deserts and drinks.  All the sandbaggers had gotten on early and there weren’t any actual food dishes committed.

I love potlucks – it’s a fabulous opportunity to try everyone’s recipes and find some new favorite foods.  But after spending $20 on ingredients at the grocery store and walking in with my crock pot of yummy food, nothing irks me more than my co-worker walking in with their bag of potato chips.  Your kidding me!  ONE BAG OF POTATO CHIPS?  Your telling me the best you could muster up for this was $4 – you couldn’t even stretch it to cover some packaged salsa or queso.  I mean I get the whole budget thing, but potluck sandbaggers should be excluded.  They get 2 potlucks, if after 2 potlucks they can’t manage to bring in a real meal – they are no longer invited to join the potluck list.

Aren’t there rules for company potlucks?  If there aren’t I think there should be.

1. Sandbaggers rule: if you don’t make something or buy something substantial for at least every 3rd potluck you are no longer included.  Non-substantial/sandbagger items: juice, pop, plates, utensils, chips

2. No stealing the someone’s signature dish.  Okay, you know what I’m talking about “Eve” makes the same dish for every potluck and it is always incredible – it’s her signature dish.  She has shared the recipe with everyone.  Just because she shared the recipe, you cannot make it for the potluck, because it’s “her” dish until she announces that she isn’t making it anymore.

So anyone else have other rules?


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