Training Chickens

So my mother is an “experienced” farm girl.  She informs me that to get my free-range chickens to lay where I want I need to buy fake eggs and put in the nest boxes.  She says that farm stores sell fake eggs.  You have to be kidding me.

So I find my first eggs in Hat’s stall.  Then I didn’t find any eggs the next day.  Then I was moving hay bales around and found 5 eggs!  Apparently my little girls had been hiding eggs from me.  Okay, so maybe the old lady has a better idea about training these dang birds to lay eggs where I can find them.  I do  have 3 acres they wander and they could wander any of the 90 acres – although I doubt they would ever get that far away from their barn.  So I say something to my neighbors about getting fake eggs to “train” the chickens.  Rochelle says – oh don’t buy any, she has a bunch of Easter eggs.

So  I have my high school reunion and I over indulged a little.  When I woke up at 5:15am I took a few Tylenol, took Hat out to  his pasture, and let the chickens out of the barn.  The dogs also went out and took a quick run around the yard.  Then I went back in for a couple more hours of sleep.  Later that morning (well maybe closer to lunch time) I went out to the barn and just about fell over when I saw a blue egg in my next box.  I was going to have to get on line and find out what was going on with the girls diet to explain a brown egg.  Hmmm . . . maybe one of them had a little more of some breed than others.  Then I walked toward the boxes and saw a neon pink and a neon yellow.   Ahhhhhh . . . Rochelle had brought over the Easter Eggs.

When I talked to her later in the day, after my head quit pounding, I told her thanks for the eggs.  She said they had gone with the plain colors because she thought the camouflaged or Spiderman eggs might have traumatized the girls.  I laughed and then told her how the plain eggs had made quite the impression on my slow brain that morning.


2 thoughts on “Training Chickens

  1. I have free-range hens that had always returned to the coop to lay, then this summer for some reason they decided they would lay else where. I locked them in the fenced run for a week until I started seeing eggs in the nest boxes again.

    I never did find their hidden stash in the pasture. I assume a fox had a might fine breakfast when he found it.

    • I don’t have a fenced in area, but the girls are now back to laying in the nest boxes. Thankfully I don’t count on those eggs for anything other than paying back my neighbors for putting up with the little stinkers running through their yards and paying for all the help they provide me!

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