25 Years – Really?

Last night I went to my 25th high school reunion.  What a wonderful time.  Had the opportunity to catch up with friends who I haven’t seen for years and find out all the wonderful things that everyone is busy doing.  Despite the difficult times, everyone was very happy.  Talking with everyone, so many were struggling to keep the ends meeting, but everyone was upbeat and positive about future opportunities.  Despite the difficulty in this part of the country and limited job opportunities, so many are fighting to stay here.  We love our way of life.  However, how will we continue to keep the children here, there are fewer and fewer opportunities and so little is coming back to this area.  I certainly hope someone in government starts to take these issues seriously or in another 20 years, this quiet country lifestyle could be part of our history rather than part of the fabric of our country.

Maybe the government could learn from the example set by the families out here.  Everyone goes to church on Sundays and spends afternoons with their family.  We respect our elders and authorities, yes, we say sir and ma’am when we address people we don’t know well.  It is a show of respect.  We serve our country – even those who don’t get involved in military service, are involved in improving and helping the community. Most families don’t believe in debt. If the cash isn’t there, you obviously don’t need it.  (Hey Washington – read that a couple times PLEASE) Our parents gave us just what we need and didn’t hesitate to say no. When we didn’t get to play in every game they told us to practice harder, they didn’t sue the school for “fair” treatment.  When we failed a test or class, they told us we got what we EARNED. It wasn’t the teacher’s fault, it was ours and we lost all privileges until those grades improved – including the privilege of extra-curricular activities.  There is a difference between needs and wants and our families worked hard to make sure we understood the difference.

I hope for our 50th reunion we are discussing how our children and grandchildren are still enjoying this fabulous lifestyle.  It is such a privilege and I pray it can be maintained.


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