Egg Bombs

Went to get Hatman this morning at 5:30am.  He was on the other side of the stall next to his window.  I called him to the door and he usually comes right over and puts his head through his halter anxious and willing to head out to the pasture.  However, this morning he was not coming to the stall door.  So I opened up the door and went on in, looking to see what could possibly be the problem – maybe a chicken nesting in his stall?

No chickens in the stall! But on the side of the stall where the chickens roost, was a broken egg.  I got Hat’s halter on and was leading him out.  I can just imagine Hat standing there at the stall door waiting for me to come out. One of the girls was probably unprepared for egg-laying and BOMB – there came the hang from above, landing just behind where he was standing.  Probably scared the dickens out of him and sent him to the other end of the stall to stay away from those chickens tormenting him with bombs now!  Poor Hatman.

There hasn’t been another broken egg in the stall since, apparently the hen who let loose that day has figured out the whole egg laying thing.  Hat isn’t real anxious to test the theory though, he still stays on the other side of the stall and waits for me to come in and get him.  Of course, if I was getting bombed from above with eggs, I wouldn’t be real willing to hang out and wait for the hits.


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