Eggciting News

The first egg arrived today. It was so eggciting I could hardly stand it. I was cleaning the stall and noticed something odd in the corner. Bent down to get a closer look – it was a small brown egg.

I called EVERYONE!!! Went across the street with my cute little egg to show off to my neighbors. Called Michele who had called me last week to let me know she got her first eggs. Called Laura to let her know – she’s been raising chickens for years and has been very supportive and informative. Called my Mom to let her know we had a well formed, small egg. Mom is a farm girl and they used to have 200 – 300 chickens so eggs are no big deal for her, but it was exciting to have our first.

Then I cleaned up my egg and took a picture of it next to a store egg.

The First Egg has Arrived

First Egg

Posted the picture on facebook to let all my friends know the exciting news. I had just taken new pictures of the girls and Whitey the night before and posted them – maybe the extra attention got one of them stirred up.

Many of you may wonder what the heck the fuss is, but it is a wonderful statement of my current life. I can be thrilled with each new little thing, whether it is understanding a new computer language, enjoying the company of a new person, or simply playing catch with one of the dogs. It is such a blessing to enjoy so many things each day. I’m trying to remember if I ever felt this way before. Although let’s be honest, what was before doesn’t matter, the important thing is what’s happening now!


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