World’s Longest Garage Sale

This weekend we decided to run a garage sale that coincided with the Route 127 garage sale. The farm is only 1/4 mile off 127 so it was a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the advertised “World’s Longest Garage Sale.” The garage sale runs 650 miles from Hudson Michigan to Gadsden Alabama and was started in 1987 by a person who wanted to highlight the fabulous offerings off the major interstates.

With the major downsizing, I have LOTS of things that need to find new homes so this was a great opportunity to reallocate the goodies. Mom and her friend Audrey came down Saturday to help me set up and keep an eye on things. My plan had been to just run it for one day, but they were having so much fun that we ended up opening up on Sunday too. Where I live, we have been without any significant rainfall since the end of May, but of course, scattered storms were predicted. We got stormed on BOTH days – the farmers who stopped told me that if setting me up for a garage sale was all it took, they would have been happy to come over and help me WEEKS ago.

We didn’t sell as much as I would have liked, but it certainly was a fun weekend. Uncle Wayne even showed up to keep us company. I think he thought he was in charge of supervising all the “women-folk”.


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