Rain and Queen Anne’s Lace

Finally getting some relief from the dry. We got a little bit of rain this morning, we could use a lot more to make up for the lack of rain we have had over the past 6 weeks. In total, since the end of May – I have had less than 2 inches of rain out at the farm. The grass is brown, the ground is cracked, but the weeks look FABULOUS! I could make a beautiful bouquet of Queen Anne’s Lace.

My neighbor’s son didn’t know that Queen Anne’s lace changed color when you put it in colored water. I had to show him what my Grandma used to do for me – I filled a bunch of little viles with water, put in a couple of drops of food coloring in each, then waited a couple hours. They were gorgeous. One of these days I should make up a vase by gluing together a bunch of little bud vases so that I can have different colored water in each vase to make a pretty bouquet. I know they sell something like this, but I can probably pick up bud vases for next to nothing that would do the same thing. Little gorilla glue should take care of this.


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