Hot is an understatement

But then again, we tend to be a little spoiled.  While we complain about the heat last summer it only went over 90 for a handful of days.  Some complained because it was such a “chilly” year, but not me!  I’d much rather have it a little cool.  I can always add more clothes – there is only so much I can take off before I get arrested.

We have a brand new saying now though – you know it’s hot when the chickens won’t leave the fan!  Came home to no chickens in the yard yesterday.  Very unusual.  Went inside and changed so I could come outside into the furnace and take care of some chores.  Right now changing water is an every 8 hour event.  With heat index hovering around 100 the best option for the outside animals is to have fresh clean water and LOTS of it.  I also moved the industrial fan to the barn door so it was blowing air around in there.  It might be warm air, but at least the air was moving.  There were my girls, all propped in front of the fan with their feather blowing.  They seemed awfully content despite the heat.  I brought them out some frozen water bottles to snuggle up to – it’s the newest version of chicken air conditioning.


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