Needing a buddy

for my horse when he moves down to the farm with me.  People recommend all kinds of alternatives, miniature horses, goats, sheep, cows – all which cost almost as much as the horse to keep.  My friend has the best alternative yet – chickens.  You can sell the eggs and her horse treats his chickens like his herd.  I’ve seen it – he walks around the pasture with his winged herd under his feet and all around him.  Occasionally Henny Penny – the daring girl, will ride Ditto around the pasture.

So I am now the proud owner of 4-day old chickens.  There are 4 golden Wyandotts and 4 silver Wyandotts.  Typically a few will die within the first couple of weeks.  We bought pullets to make sure that we didn’t end up with any roosters.  They are just little balls of fur right now.


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